Flirting For Tips

I am currently employed at a place where flirting is an extremely good way to get tips. It’s a public and family friendly establishment that helps me get through school. So what I guess what I would like to know from any of my readers is what are your opinions on flirting for tips?

A few ways you can look at it is:

I. Am leading someone on for money?

– If they’re not looking for a relationship or even interested in the person, should one still flirt with another person for monetary reasons? It leads right into the second point.

II. Am I selling a part of myself for money?

– Isn’t it a more legal way of just selling a part of yourself for money? Especially if there is absolutely no interest in the other person other then a tip they can put into your topic. It’s not that there isn’t a craft being done as my job but as the social aspect seems to be there real thing that the customers are looking for.  So what we do is treat customers like they are the one and only person in our hearts and that we would literally do anything for them.

III. If a person is in a relationship and flirt for tips is it stepping on relationship boundaries?

– One thing that I believe that a heathy relationship has are boundaries. I’m not talking about irrational boundaries involving “Don’t talk to other girls, let alone look at them,” or “I don’t want to spend time with your friends.” But boundaries that encourage unfaithfulness. I do believe that people will often face times of temptaion despite how convinced they are extremely faithful. With that being said, Do you think that flirting for tips is one of these times that it’s crossing that relationship boundary.

Despite the fact that flirting for tips is practically part of my job but it’s often leaves me with customers connected to me that make me feel very gross. They make me feel vile about myself. It takes me back to my previous relationship where I literally feel like a whore at times. I really wish that for school I could work at a job that I held more my self esteem better.

Opinions are absolutely welcome.


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