Positivity Fridays

I do not plan on spending much, if any, time on the blog over the weekends although that may end up changing. As I’m new to the experience of trying to actual set up, run, and promote this blog I’m not entirely sure as to what I may want to do with it just yet.

Fridays I do have a plan for. I want to spend it on positivity only. The thing about living with Suicidal Ideation stemming from multiple disorders is that you have a constant battle going on within your head and heart. I am trying to do a few things to counter this consistent battle.

I am going to try and start each Friday out with a quote that I am trying to use to remind myself to stay on the up an up. Then I’m just going to give three things I’m grateful for from the past week. I may or may not go into detail on those three things. However, this is pretty much where I’m at with Friday’s so far.

Here we go!

“When one door is closed, don’t you know that many more are open”
― Bob Marley

Gratitude Journal:

1. Starting my first really great week of summer classes! -Cognitive Psychology!

2. Getting my car fixed.

3. Having a phone conversation with my Godson.


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