When trying to live my life as an independent woman I’ve discovered that trying to show a man that my dignity matters to me and that I do not appreciate cat calls has it’s struggles. The main struggle being that they do not give a shit if I want to be respected as a human being. They just see me as a piece of ass and it’s incredibly frustrating. How do we change these mindsets that it’s not okay to treat women like this?

I’ve heard the argument that I don’t deserve respect because “Respect is Earned NOT Given.” To this I say, No sir. My reasoning? We all deserve a general respect because we are human and each are individual to one another. We all have feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and a general respect is actually deserved. However, I do agree that when a person oversteps their boundries and proves that they are no longer worthy of that general baseline respect then they don’t in face deserve it any longer. There is also a respect that is earned and I hold it completely seperate from that of what I’m asking. I want men and woman to not look at each other as object to gather like a pokemon. I want them to be curtious to each other and repect that they have feelings and thoughts about themselves that they don’t wish for you to piss on without even having the curtiousy to call it rain. 

Please to not comment on my body. Please do not whistle at me. Please do not tell me that I’m sexy.  I really just don’t appreciate that. I’m an intellectual and want to be treated thusly. 


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