You need something more “CUTE”…

…or as I like to say, “FUCK YOU.”

Some days I get extremely bored with myself. SO,  I wanted to change my name for the day and picked out Dez. It is the name of a girl I know of from back home who emulates everything that I wish I were strong enough to be. She has pierced cheeks and the short hair that looks so liberating. She is tattooed and wears what ever the hell she wants to despite what the world expects woman to wear.

So I choose Dez for the day to instant rejection from a fellow coworker. It apparently isn’t a “cute” enough name and I should go for something far “cuter” like “Brittany.”

My reaction is literally a little something like. . .


I do not ever go through life hoping that I can get something “cute,” do something “cute,” wear something “cute,” or be called something “cute.”

I am not here for that garbage. I am here to kick ass and take a couple names. I am here to live my life freely to the beat of my own heart not the electric strumming of some societal heart. Do not treat me like a something to be put on a shelf.

I have once been told that swearing shows a complete lack of intelligence. However, let me tell you how sometimes there is no better word then Fuck to express your anger with someone.

As a future doctor I certainly would appreciate it if you don’t treat me like a dim witted, lack of intelligence, moral-less, easy to get bimbo. I an here to dominate the world. I will do that named Symantha, Fox, Dez, Furiosa, or even Brittany. But do not tell me that I need to pick something “Cute.”

Again, Do not try to control that which you can only follow.


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