Others, Class, and Pants

Some things on my mind.

Talking to others:

Some times people like to talk to you like you are a dog. I don’t get why people fell this is a necessary tactic when addressing other people. I recently had someone of “authority” hold something in my face and say; “No! NO! No, No, No! NO! You can’t do this.” I’m sorry but was it extremely necessary of you to talk to me like a stray defiant dog? I hardly want to talk to my dogs that way let alone another human.


“I wouldn’t do that, I’ve got class.” When a girl would like to take her pictures in front of taco bell my only question is why is it anyone else’s business where this girl took her pictures? Why does that mean she has no class? There are plenty of things back in high school that I would now consider pretty ridiculous but back then I though was the cats pajamas. So what does it matter what some high school girl though was a good idea for her senior pictures? And how dare someone say that the reason they didn’t make that decision was because they had “more class.” Gross. Horrible Horrible person.

Wearing Pants:

I fucking hate wearing pants? They are always tight, They always shrink, and they are super hot. So when I get home I take them straight off and I do not replace them. So every day that I have someone tell me to wear pants. Why do I have to wear pants? Why do I have to cover myself up in the least bit. I have nothing to be ashamed of. If what makes me comfortable is not wearing pants then I won’t wear them. It’s not that I’m going to walk around in the complete nude. That wouldn’t make me comfortable. But what would is wearing no pants and a t-shirt. So thats what I do. Why do men get to walk around in their underwear and no shirt day in and day out with no person ever telling them what to do. DAMN IT.


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