noun: liberation; plural noun: liberations

•the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.

•freedom from limits on thought or behavior.

The past year of my life was a bit of a mess and a whole lot of turmoil that I never wish I had gone through but know that I would not be the strong person that I am today. Even on days that I don’t feel strong and put together I know that I can make it through because I made it through the last year. I survived a year of a one way relationship full of my own constant heart break. To look at the definition of liberation I look at the second part, “Freedom from limits on through or behavior.” I was so limited that I even started to doubt achieving my dream at any cost. I started settling for less then what I wanted to achieve and what I deserve. I will not ever accept that again.

I will always celebrate my liberation because I also get to celebrate the love that has come from it.


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