Waving your Freak Flag

As a senior in college I often have to wonder why I am going to classes with infant children. If I hear phrases like “You are such a freak, overtime you open your mouth I just wish you would shut up.” This is honestly the most ridiculous commentary I’ve ever heard said about me in my academic career thus far.

I think whats pretty fantastic about myself is that I respect the opinions of my professors not my fellow classmates. As a nontraditional student I don’t need to accept these juvenile kids’ opinions of me. Frankly, they do make fun of me for respecting my professors opinion, and I don’t give a literal shit.

I suffered an immense amount social anxiety when I started college. I spent that year killing myself out of extreme fear. When I started to overcome my anxiety, due to the help of two wonderful people, I never wanted to go back again. When I hear things such as the comment mentioned above I worry about the damage that could have caused to me a few months prior.

When I am in college to be a psychologist I really really worry that my fellow classmates are a little off kilter with what their future hopes and plan are. If you can’t even me aware enough of the damage you could cause amongst your fellow classmates how will you be aware of your clients.

I just need to remember that I am going to do better things with my life then hurting other people. I am changing this world.


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