I suppose that there is some kind of skill set that I wasn’t born with or every honed for myself in which people practice being subtle. I am not subtle. I am loud and in your face. I am a load of passion mixed with unmanaged enthusiasm. I am the girl your parents warned you about.

Why? Because we are taught not to defend ourselves. We are taught to fake it till we make it. We are taught that that is the way it is. Every jobs sucks, people are always going to be mean, your professor will always be unfair to you, and the person you are is not the person people want to see.

Well, sorry folks, for some strange reason I was gifted with the ability to defend injustices as I see them. I spent a lot of my formative years in detention as a result. I have a few close knit friendships rather then an abundance of acquaintances. I will not allow someone to treat me as less then I am. I fight tooth and nail for the education I receive. I write letters to deans and encourage students to fight for better education as well. I admire the professors that are strict and intellectual rather then the ones that provide “easy A’s.” And these same personality traits are exemplified in my work place.

I do not accept less. I expect more.



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