Winterim 2

Yesterday, after only three hours of sleep I had a full eighteen hour day that consisted of only desiring sleep. I stared a few time at my homework and decided it was the wrong day for studying.  Which then resulted in. Full ten hour study session today. I was up by seven and writing my first paper by 7:10. When I finished at 9 I was able to shower and prepare myself to audition for an internship at 10:30. 


The interview went off without a hitch. I get to work with the population I’m going to graduate school to help. I’m nurvous and extatic all the same time. I hope it’s only reassuring me that I’m doing what I ought through school. 

I had celebratory coffee and groceries picked up by noon. 

I started my exam by 12:30 and finished it confidently by 2pm. There were at least three repeated questions. I don’t understand why teachers expect higher quality work then they put in. I honestly feel like I have had a never ending to do list today. But every second of it is cherished. 

I dove right into the 70 minute video and second essay. It was such a struggle to write. If a paper is hard I feel the better. I feel like it pushes to find more conclusions do the same problem. I want to think. I want to struggle. 


Now, I relax. I have a weekend in front of me but I consider that more time to get ahead on reading. 


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