My Study Area

This is my study area right now. I am very in love with it but I am getting a new desk pretty soon here. The skull is my partners and the dinosaur is mine. What ever desk I have is always alway sufficient to me.

Today I got home early from work and got to clean a bit around our apartment. Is it weird that I find my flow in working and cleaning. I also get it from studying and that I find to be extremely beneficial. I wasn’t a very good student before I started school up again two years ago. When classmates say that they wish I had half the motivation that I get a bit confused. I sometimes wish that these people could have seen that I wasn’t good at studying and testing.  But whats the point? I really want to achieve and I strive for that now and if I’m a role model for that then so be it. I’ll try harder and harder and help whomever needs it.

I’m going to work on some Criminology soon. I may or may not do that whilst taking a bath. I seem to take a bath every other day.


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