who are you to consume my mind

flashing images of your smile

the creases of your laughing eyes

you evoke a rolling shudder throughout me

who gave you this power?


You have replaced everything that has at one time consumed me.

You are everything and not longer to I have to make a conscious effort to live.

You are the fantasy that tickles my tounge and empowers my soul.

The bottle kept me captivated but see not you nourish my existence.

The low strum of a guitar and the deep beat of the drum that plays my daily soundtrack,

Fingers wrestling a slow melody along the piano keys as birds sing a wordless tune.

You have written every song even the seemingly mundane ones lost in the sound of traffic.

You are everything and you are nothing and I am here lost within you. 

Sex with you

i imagine it is an intoxicating drink

a sip of home brewed beer

and fuzzy warmth at the bottom of my stomach

a tasting a pour over dark roast

tickling the back of my tongue and

stimulating all parts of me

and entirely intoxicating feeling

spinning my mind

explodeing the ends of my nerves

action potentials burning like flames

it’s control over my body

my mind and heart

turning logic into a thing of the past.