you have grown inside me

spread like a weed

wrapping yourself around the parts of me

that tried to let go

now i suffocate

thinking about all that could have been



Dancing, she told us…

I read an amazing quote today out of Manifesta: Young woman, feminism, and the future by Jennifer Baumgardener and Amy Richards.

“Dancing, she told us, had become a way to express the rage she felt toward her dependent husband, her emotionally manipulative ex-lover, and herself for continuing to let these men lead when they were capable only of following.”

After getting out of two horribly oppressive relationships I can relate to this immensely so. I like the power behind the statement. It puts air in my lungs. I just want to take on the world. I will never allow a man to take the lead ever again. There should be equality in every relationship, not necessarily monetary but rather supportive and emotional. I will not follow.

I really don’t want to move further with this post but just allow that quotation to really absorb into you.


Baumgardner, J., & Richards, A. (2000). Manifesta: Young women, feminism, and the future. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.